Coastal Nostalgia…

I fell in love with the Summer…

Now this record’s a little different but let it rock
and it’s nothing compared to vicious, but it isn’t pop
no…it’s one of the songs that can perpetuate calm
break in the waves like an ocean dock
a couple hundred miles she drives, all of us we ride
navigate a getaway to Wild Wood seaside
long time coming, God bless the cousin
that orchestrated the gathering bond within the blood
on the land’s edge…build a castle out of plastic
on the sand bed, seashells full of magic
what the man said, he’s only 5 years old
with a collection of crustaceans but the water is cold
the shell fish ain’t home…crab scuttle for survival
nothing but tourism interjects within the tidal
and oh what a way, take a trip for a day
cross the bridge over the ridge, illuminate with the bay
now the sun is at it’s highest in the sky
Kurtis covered Howie under sea gulls fly
I was tossing bread to make the airborn dive
all the while trying to dry Omar’s teary eyes
splashing through the tide, my feet never touched the mark
blissfully unware forgot jellyfish and sharks
I was playing my part, as a child again
saltwater stuck in my beard but it blows in the wind
after I traveled back to shore and made a sandwich
I caught a glimpse of all of my queens…this is family
never what it once was, but maybe the youth can
inspire the elders to hop inside of that race again
a combination of Feliz Navidad and some birthdays
Chris and La-Nysa, we started the first phase
eventually evolved into annual tradition
from Thanksgiving, Resurrection, and my favorite Christmas
families break apart, a couple members were missing
few of them passed on, inside of me they are living
a side of me’s reminiscing, oh now I remember
the laughter and the wisdom, from April to December
be we can build the future, by referencing the past
I say that as I watch a sail boat drop mast
and To my loves, I penned this conjuncture
to complete the epitome of unconditional summer.

This is my coastal nostalgia (my love for y’all runs sea deep…)
This is my coastal nostalgia (my love for y’all runs sea deep…)


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