Dawn/Breakfast In Peru

Dear society, fellow Americans and beloved Ethnicity,
forgive me but my mind is charged with a thought of electricity.
you see I ran from the metropolis and retreated to the mountains,
where the grass is truly greener without supplements from a fountain.
only if it’s natural spring water, my location is unknown,
I jumped off Angel Falls into the jungle, this is my home.
for the moment…please let me explain I heard you were looking for me,
I disappeared, out of sight, out of mind, does it not exist if you cannot see.
my life is that of the gears of a machine,
constantly questioning the powers that be.
mentally challenging the new world regime,
you must have forgot about the higher supreme.
a deity that I believe in when mankind has deceived,
everything I so gleefully admired about human beings.
God bless Bailey Mansfield for telling me to forget everything about reality,
I don’t believe in religion but I travel the road to Damascus to find spirituality.
my personal struggles are mine to wrestle,
you cannot force your way inside of my vessel.
and yet some try, but this is my weight that I alone can carry,
as you to yours, the dead of innocence that I was forced to bury.
I wear my heart on my sleeve but some have attacked it with a pair of scissors,
I’m an outcast because I address the world as Miss and Mister.
Misses, a mistress put me in a position where I would encase my emotions,
and only unlock them when a mermaid found that key at the bottom of the ocean.
the notion that I extend my hand to others an in turn is received,
my friend, things are never what they seem to be.
see we have a tendency to convey an imagery to perpetuate a look,
a persona that is marvelous on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
But I removed my own veil when my ship set sail,
my vision was frail so I relied on my instincts, a secondary Braille.
because honestly I’m so tired, and I needed to run away,
but the moment my feet move you question why I should stay.
I haven’t heard from you Chris, you don’t call anymore,
you didn’t respond to my text messages, you didn’t come to the door.
you forgot I exist, you’re a stranger now,
but if you made no attempt to reach…I’m a stranger how?
Because you have no idea where I could’ve been,
what I could’ve been doing or what loss I wanted to win.
what mountain I had to climb or what I sea I had to cross,
what price I had to pay or what conclusion came with the cost.
So I will tolerate no such dependency when you need me,
as if I don’t have my own responsibilities to put food on my table to feed me.
I came into the world alone and to this day I will always feel that way,
but I thrive in my confinement because my solitude nobody can take away.
and just as I am the center of the crowd, a magician in the spotlight,
I can always masquerade in the mystique of absence and fade into the night.
Let me have my moments in time where I sit alone in a room,
possibly watching a sunrise, coffee in hand with breakfast in Peru…

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