Dream Boulevard

good morning world transends from the radio to parkside apartments/
the dormatory’s cheaper but thank you to Mrs. Cartman/
Janelle inherits the favor through a family tie/
she’s ready to conquer the world within her family’s eye/
small town girl on the Mahattan boulevard/
from Connecticut to New York City to Juilliard/
performing arts and music let it dance in her thoughts/
but the tuition is heavy so she competes with the costs/
working multiple jobs, one as a coffee shop barista/
the second a dishwasher at a spot called Lisa’s/
she’s alone in her realm tryna meet a few ends/
a long way from her home tryna make some new friends/
Well okay…welome to the life of independent living/
keep enough for the rent and to make it home for Thanksgiving/
checking her itineray as her mind roams/
listening to Norah Jones through her iPhone thinking I know/
the weight is really heavy on a scale/
but she’s just gotta balance her success with all the fails/
cuz ain’t no opportunities back in her hometown/
let your guard down, you could up dead or even jail/
but she knows what shes want, she know what she needs/
she wanna succeed, by like any means/
she wants you to read her critically acclaimed playright one day/
on her way to work contemplating on the subway.


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